Free icons sets - royalty free you can use for your website or program....                    List of free icons is in blue table

check for licence: CC GNU LGPL

Royalty-free(icons) describes material (typically graphics such as stock photography and icons, but also sound such as music loop samples) that may be used for profit, without paying royalties. Royalty-free media is usually acquired for a 'one time only' fee, although public domain imagery and many works created under a copyleft license are also usable without paying royalties or an initial fee. This is the list of free icons and are royalty free.

Please help me keep this list of free icons up to date and report any broken links or if you can recommend any useful link, mail me

List of free icons:
twotone icons Free
ColorCons icons CC
Xi4Dox CC
Icon Pack CC
Dropline GNU
Ganato free  icons Free
Yasis GNU
Dropline Neu! GNU
Dropline Etiquette GNU
Ricebowl LGPL
Tango icons CC
Mini icons GPL
Sil icons CC
Flags CC
Drunkey Love CC
Milk and Green icons Free
Greyscale icons Free
Vista-Inspirate GPL
nuoveXT GPL
Gallery 2 Web Icon Set GPL
Sanscons  icons Free
Bitcons free icons Free
Sweetie CC
micons free icons Free
Parrotdise free icons Free
WebControlIcons CC
Feed Icons GPL
Snowish GPL
Nuvola LGPL
Yelowpipe site with free icons links  
Vista toon pack CC
Wikimedia LGPL
MyStead icons Free
ihartny For personal
CrystalXP ???
Odriozola CC
IconFinder GPL,LGPL
Crismas Icons Free
Crystal Clear GPL
Just free icons Free
Fine Icons Free
Credit Card Icons  
Free Vista comunity icons Freeware
Free icons Free
I was emailed a link of free Favicons.

What is Favicon? Its an icon that is displayed in front of address of your page, and in the tab of your browser.

How to add Favicon? You simply copy it to the directory where the page is saved, and name it favicon.ico  But some browsers will not automatic display  it so you can add code in head statement of your page:

<link rel="shortcut icon" rel="nofollow" href="/favicon.ico">

You can also create your own favicon. You simply create square image of Gif( for transparent favicon) or JPG, and then go to Favicon Generator where you can transform it onLine for free.
I think every page needs Favicon!!

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